Best Hunting Boots For Men (And Soon Women)Not all boots are the same, though, so here are a couple of things you need to take into consideration before choosing the best hunting boots for you.
When it comes to hunting you can’t be too careful with the gear you use. What you use, both to hunt and to dress yourself, can be the difference between a good and a bad day and this goes double for footwear.
The right pair of hunting boots will help you walk your favorite trial with confidence while keeping your feet protected from any danger in the environment.

TOP COMPARISON CHART 5 BEST HUNTING BOOTS FOR MEN 2019Best Hunting Boots For Men (And Soon Women)

LaCrosse Men’s Adder Scent 18” HD Snake Boots – Editor’s Choice

LaCrosse Men’s Adder 18” Snake Boot
  • Full-grain leather with 1000 Denier nylon upper plus abrasion...
  • Total protection with flexible 360-degree Snake Guard plus scent-free...
  • Large pull loops for easy on/off with back gusset for an adjustable,...
  • Height: 18"

There are two things you need to take into consideration when it comes to best hunting boots: Comfort and protection.

These boots offer both, with the added benefit of being easy to put on and having a detailed camouflage pattern that will help you blend with the environment; They’re a little pricey, but that can be expected from footwear made out of leather such as the one used in these boots.

My favorite feature is a bit of a double-edged sword. While the pull-on handles do make putting on this boot as easy as sliding it on, it does leave uncovered an area of your leg. This can mean a snake bite in the worst case and debris constantly falling inside your boot in the best case.
Regardless, if you can live with the debris then these boots are a good option, as they’re light and, best of all, come in half sizes which is a win in my book.

Another detail that’s worth considering is that these boots are not water proof, despite the claim. They will keep your feet protected from rain but you shouldn’t submerge them anywhere and expect to keep your feet dry.

  • A very lightweight product, make it easy to carry.
  • True to size – small in size would be easy to manage in luggage
  • Comfortable to use for long periods of time
  • Reinforced toe area
  • Back cinches – This makes it easy to carry in backpack.
  • Not waterproof – this make this product to be only used in dry areas.
  • Hard to pull off – takes force to pull it.
  • Things fall inside through pull-on handles.
[wpmfc_cab_ss]Consider these boots if you’re looking for practical and comfortable water resistant snake boots that run true to size and are easy to put on even in the trickiest situations.[/wpmfc_cab_ss]

Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot – best warm hunting boots for men

Kamik Men's Nationplus Waterproof Boot
  • Temperature rated to -40
  • Seam sealed waterproof
  • Thinsulate Insulation
  • Moisture wicking lining
These boots are a great option when you’re looking to feel comfortable and keep your feet warm during cold winters.

They’re easy to put on, relatively lightweight and not too bulky, so you can use them with casual clothes without an issue.

A downside to these boots, which are really affordable no matter how you see it, is that they offer little to no ankle support or toe protection, which means I didn’t feel the confidence to wear them on hikes. However, they worked wonders when wearing them around the city and when shoveling snow.
These boots are warm and will keep your feet dry but they don’t stand temperatures as low as they advertised for long periods of time. This means you’ll feet will stay toasty and dry when you’re moving from one building to another, but they will get cold if you spend too much time outside.

These boots also tend to run a little on the small side so you should take that into consideration before buying them.

  • They work well at keeping your feet warm and dry
  • They’re very light. (For hiking boots)
  • Waterproof – You can use it in dry areas and to those as well where there is any rain forecasted.
  • Run small and they don’t come in half sizes.
  • Hard to put on and take off.
  • Not fit for prolonged exposure to the elements.
  • Not a lot of toe protection or ankle support.

If what you’re looking for are boots to keep your feet dry and warm but you aren’t interested in actual hiking then these boots are for you. They look great, they’re super comfortable and they’ll keep your feet warm. All at an affordable price. However, if you’re looking for serious hiking footwear then you’re better off looking somewhere else.

Danner Men’s Pronghorn – best for hunters and hikers

Danner Men’s Pronghorn 8” Uninsulated Hunting Boot
  • Durable, waterproof full-grain CamoHide leather upper with rugged and...
  • Full-grain leather toe and heel cap
  • Rugged hardware for secure fit and long lasting performance
  • 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX lining
  • Cushioning three density open cell polyurethane Ortholite footbed

This is actually an improved version of an older model you might be familiar with: The 45003 Danner Men’s Pronghorn GTX Hunting Boots.

The updates consist mostly on reinforcing the stitches and the toe area, which means this model is even sturdier than the last one. However, they are visibly bulky and some might find that unappealing.

If you can get past the rather ‘bulgy’ toe area you’ll have boots that area great for traversing all sorts of terrains, making them a great choice for hunters and hikers alike.

  • Reinforced side stitching and toe area
  • Very comfortable. (Even on first hike)
  • Great look – You can enjoy the looks of the product.
  • Bulky – Heavy to carry anywhere
  • Leather might wear out if not properly tended.

Yes, this model isn’t cheap but if you’re looking for high quality hiking boots then this is a model you should definitely consider. There’s some maintenance that needs to be done in order to keep these boots in top shape but overall I think this is a very so.
Best Hunting Boots For Men (And Soon Women)

Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme Ni Hunting Boots – best leather hunting boots for men

Does the price tag scare you? There’s nothing to worry about!
It’s normal to feel wary when it comes to buying expensive products, such as these boots, but rest assured that in this case you’re truly getting what you paid for.

Not only do these boots look great but they also feel great; they’re sturdy, light and comfortable and the offer excellent support to your entire feet, making them a great choice for rugged terrains and harsh conditions.

However, if there’s such a thing as ‘too tough’ then these boots are it.
These boots are so durable that they can be a bit rough on the feet so make sure to wear thick and comfortable socks. Otherwise you might end up with a sore ankle. Not only that but, while these boots are great in the wilderness, they’re far too rough for the city, making them the wrong choice for casual wear.

  • Extremely tough – this makes the product long lasting
  • High quality leather – another great feature of a long lasting product
  • Correct sizing makes it easy to use.
  • Easy to take off no need of any force.
  • May rub ankle if not right socks

When it comes to quality these boots speak for themselves so consider the Kenetreks if you’re serious about buying hiking footwear that will be used in trails and mountains instead of the city.

Bog Men’s Classic High Camo Winter Snow Boot – Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots

I got these boots expecting them to be waterproof and I was not disappointed. These boots will keep your feet dry, even if you fully submerge them in water and their non-slip sole makes them a good option for those working on jobs surrounded by water.

The best thing about these boots, at least in my opinion, is how comfortable they are despite the fact that they’re made entirely out of rubber.

I was a little hesitant about buying these boots as I didn’t want to sacrifice comfort for efficiency but eventually I caved in and bought them and I haven’t regretted my decision one bit!
These boots feel amazing, offer a great range of motion and keep water out.

However, they can be a little ‘too waterproof’ as they tend to keep your sweat in the boot, which means they’re not the kind of footwear you want to wear for a long time, especially if you’re performing some sort of intense physical activity.

Also? They don’t have that rubbery/plastic smell I’ve come to expect from this kind of boot and that’s a definite plus in my book!

  • The product is extremely comfortable to use
  • The material used in it makes it much durable
  • Easy to move and handle, this product has great mobility
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • On the small size
  • No cinch to adjust
  • Not great for below-freezing temperatures, as advertised
  • Sweat gets trapped in them

If you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your feet dry and warm even in foul weather, then these boots are for you. Just make sure not to wear them for too long or at least make sure to change your socks if you’re going to wear them for hours.

Best Hunting Boots Buyer’s Guide


Best Hunting Boots For Men (And Soon Women)It’s important that you match your boots to the terrain you’ll be hunting in, as this will provide you the right kind of support.
Boots with a stiff and stable platform will help you in steep and rocky terrains while flexible boots will give you a better range of movement when hunting in flat, more gentle areas.


Best Hunting Boots For Men (And Soon Women)Conditions vary wildly from one season to another, as well from the kind of animal you’re trying to hunt.
If you’re on the move, you’re going to need less insulation, as your feet will be kept warm by walking alone; If you’re going to wait for the animals to come to you, look for shoes that will be able to keep your feet warm even in cold weather.

The same goes for waterproofness.

It’s tempting to buy waterproof boots ‘just in case’ but if you’re hunting in a dry terrain they’re going to be counterproductive as they don’t allow your foot to breath.

Likewise, hunting in a humid place with non-waterproof boots will result in a rather uncomfortable and slippery experience.


This is true for boots and every other kind of footwear: Every brand is different.

Expecting to be the same exact size across all brands is a recipe for disaster. Some brands run small, some brands run large so prepare yourself to try many, many boots.


4 Things to Remember to Select the Best Hunting Boots for You

Now you know what you need to consider when buying new hunting boots which will help you in the next section, where we review 5 best hunting boots in the market.

Before you continue, however, here are 4 tips you need to remember:

  • When trying on new boots always use the same socks you’ll be wearing during your hunt. This will make the fit much more faithful to what you need.
  • Don’t pay too much attention to the brand. If a boot feels good it feels good regardless of the logo they have.
  • Don’t get hung up on a single style. You’re going to be trying on a lot of best hunting boots so keep an open mind.Enter your text here…
  • If something doesn’t feel right during the fitting then that’s the right moment to change it. You won’t be able to do so in the woods so be sure before paying.
    Keep that in mind and you won’t have any trouble finding the right best hunting boots for you.


So what boots should you choose?
Simply put, the best hunting boots is the one that better fit your needs; all the boots we’ve reviewed have their pros and cons so you need to decide what you’re going to use them for before settling on a model.

Both the Bog and Kenetrek boots are great option for those hunting in rough, rocky and cold terrains whereas the Kamik and LaCrosse are better fitted for hunting in more forgiving terrains.

The Danner model is a good compromise between all models which makes them a great choice if you’re not sure of what kind of hunting you’re going to do or are looking for something more flexible.

Regardless, all these boots are of great quality and have a lot to offer so the final choice is yours.

Make sure to keep in mind what we’ve already discussed and you’ll be buying boots like a seasoned expert in no time.