10 Nike Shoes for 2019Today I’m taking a look at the 10 best Nike sneakers for 2019. This review is about the top 10 Nike sneakers available right now in 2019. The shoes featured in today’s post are either available right now for retail in-store or they will be available again for retail when they rerelease in a different colourway. This list is also only covering Nike sneakers and not air Jordans. There’s going to be a whole separate list for air Jordans in the coming weeks.

But with that being said, why don’t we jump right into the list:

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

With the first shoe, an honorable mention the Nike Mens Air Vapormax 2019. Although the $190 vapor max 2019 was released in 2018 most of the colourways of the sneaker are dropping this year.
In my opinion, this shoe was a pretty solid improvement over the original Vapormax and even though I’m not really a fan of that sort of mouth guard aesthetic, it’s still a pretty comfortable sneaker overall.

The Vapormax 2019 ops to switch the flynet from the original vapormax to more of a plasticky mesh like something found on the Nike react element 87 this new upper construction is surprisingly comfortable and in my opinion, more supportive than the original. Now I’ve heard from a few people that they actually prefer the look of the flight it upper to this new sort of plastic mesh upper, but I actually think it’s a pretty cool new improvement and it allows them to try a lot of different things in the way of colorway

Nike Mens Air Vapormax 2019 is definitely an expensive sneaker, but if you like the way it looks and you’re a fan of the vapormax, it’s a good way to go.

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The Kobe IV Protro show line is a very cool line of sneakers rather than actually retroing his original sneakers, Cobe as Nike to actually create a new version of each shoe that looks exactly the same. It performs like a modern basketball sneaker. The Kobe IV Protro isn’t actually the first pro show model to release. Last year we actually had a version of the Kobe one releases approach row and it was an unbelievably popular silhouette. I love what Cobe and Nike are doing with this basketball line and I think this pro series is such a cool take on a retro sneaker and if you love the Kobe IV but don’t really want the draft day colorway don’t worry, there’s a bunch of more colorways dropping later this year.

The Nike Men’s Epic React Flyknit is the follow up to last year’s wildly successful Nike Epic React. While the Epic React 2 doesn’t really feature too many noticeable performance improvements over the original Epic react.

It’s still a pretty decent update on the silhouette. The Epic react 2 now features a TPU heel cliff, which adds a little bit more stability around your heel. There’s also a shiny new Nike swoosh on the midfoot of the sneakers, so if you’re into that, it’s there. And overall, if you’re looking to buy a brand new Epic react sneaker, the Epic react 2 is great way to go. However, I would definitely check out the sales racks for some of last year’s Epic reacts because in my opinion, they’re just as good.

Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker
  • REF - 315122-111
  • Model -AIR FORCE 1 '07
  • Brand -Nike

The Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker is a staple when it comes to Nike sneakers and most people already have this shoe in their collection. Starting out at a base price of $90 for the all-white shoe. You can’t really go wrong with this sneaker. The classic and clean at this shoe really can’t be overstated and you can wear a clean pair of Air Force 1 to pretty much any occasion.

Not only that, but this sneaker has also stood the test of time and it stayed in the public’s eye over the decades. Almost everyone that’s anyone has worn a pair of Air Force 1 lows, which means they’re good enough for you as well and if that’s not enough, they’re also comfortable as well, so you can’t really go wrong.

Nike Men's React Element 87 Running Shoe
  • Brand New
  • 100% Authentic
  • Original Packaging

This Nike sneaker took last year by storm. It was one of the only non-collaboration silhouettes to drop in 2018 that got a crazy amount of hype and that hype seems to be continuing into 2019 because we’re getting a lot more colourways and they’re still selling out. The shoe features a full length reacts mid-sole, which feels great underfoot and it’s probably one of the softest foams you can get. The upper also features a semi-translucent or in this case, fully translucent mesh plastic material, which means that you could completely change the entire look of the sneaker by just changing the color of your socks.

When the element 87 first released, it was a groundbreaking sneaker and took the sneaker world by storm and I think it’s going to continue to do so in 2019.

The Nike Kyrie 5 is one of the most popular basketball sneakers available on the market today. The relatively budget price point and the fact that it’s also an excellent basketball performer makes a sneaker hard to pass up when you’re looking for a great basketball shoe. Not only that, but the Kyrie 5 also comes in a ton of different colourways. Whether you’re looking for a black sneaker or a super limited collab that just comes in crazy colours. The carry five has you covered a solid looking incredible basketball performer that comes in pretty much any colourway you could ever want.

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro- J-Pack Black/Pine Green Mens US 8.5
  • Zoom Air unit in the sockliner for responsive cushioning.
  • Padded tongue adds comfort on the top of your feet.
  • Circular tread gives you multidirectional grip.
  • Rubber outsole with a full cupsole stitch is flexible and durable.

The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro skate sneaker with an incredible history. In the mid two thousand when I was actually getting into sneakers, dunks were some of the hottest shoes on the market and it finally looks like with some of these high profile collaborations, dunks are finally coming back into the spotlight.

Dunks are one of those shoes that you can have a hundred pairs of and you still feel like you wouldn’t have enough. There are so many different colourways and versions and collaborations of this shoe. It just never seems to end. This particular version is the most recent diamond Nike SB dunk collaboration and it’s quickly becoming one of the most worn sneakers in my collection. And like I mentioned before, this sneaker was originally designed to be a skateboarding sneaker. So for that reason, it’s got an incredibly plush and incredibly comfortable upper, and if you’re a skater, this is a great way to go.

Honestly, just an all-around incredible sneaker.

Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo Men's Running Shoe
  • Ultralight, engineered mesh upper is highly breathable and stretchy.
  • Flywire cables, visible beneath translucent upper, ensure secure...
  • Nike ZoomX foam midsole with full-length Zoom Air cushioning absorbs...
  • Nike ZoomX foam midsole with full-length Zoom Air cushioning absorbs...
  • With an advanced ZoomX foam midsole

The Pegasus turbo is one of my favourite Nike running sneakers up the last couple of years and it’s not only a great running sneaker, but it’s also an incredibly comfortable lifestyle sneakers. The main selling point behind this $180 sneaker is this dual foam mid-sole setup.

The midsole features zoom X on the top and Nike react on the bottom, which makes up for an incredibly comfortable ride. The zoom max is incredibly soft and plush and it’s probably one of the socks does foams you can find in any sneaker. The zoom max then sits on top of a Nike react layer, which is still very soft, but because it’s a little bit harder of foam, it gives you a lot more stability in the midsole, which is great, especially when you’re running. Even though the upper is made up of this plasticky mesh, which is not favourite material in the world, it’s still very comfortable and because it’s made up of plastic, it’s a lot more durable than some other knit sneakers.

The fit and the lockdown on this sneaker are also incredible and I’d be hard-pressed to find a shoe that’s as comfortable or more comfortable than the Nike Pegasus Turbo.

Aesthetically, it’s definitely got a racing-inspired look, so if you’re not a fan of that, maybe don’t go with this one, but if you don’t mind the way it looks or if you’re like me and actually liked the way it looks, this is a great sneaker to go with.

The Nike Air Fear of God 1 are one of the newest additions to the Nike family and that a retail price of $350 it’s obvious that this sneaker is aimed at the designer market. This Nike shoe was designed in collaboration with Jerry Lorenzo who created the brand Fear of God and so the name Air Fear of God 1 and although this sneaker is by far the most limited and most hype sneaker on this list, I know there are more colourways coming this year so I felt like it deserved to be on the list.

One of the coolest things about this collaboration is that unlike a lot of the collaborations that Nike do, Jerry Lorenzo was actually given free rein to completely design his own sneaker and in my opinion, I think this shoe came out incredibly well. It’s a great-looking sneaker. To be fair though. I’m having trouble wearing this shoe because I don’t really have anything that goes with this, but I’m going to keep it in my collection until I can find out how to rock it. And that’s really a first world problem. It is the overall construction and attention to detail on this shoe is pretty incredible. And in particular, I also loved the material that they used on the light bone colourway I think this low pile swayed or really soft leather feels great. And the craziest part is that this sneaker was actually designed to be used on court.

So you can actually play ball in this shoe. I’m not going to, but you could if you want it to. Overall an awesome collaboration and a great looking shoe.

The Nike Men’s Air Max 720 is the tallest air unit that Nike has ever put in any one of their sneakers. The Air Max 720 is also only the second lifestyle. Only air max at Nike has ever created. The first being the air max 270. the shoe features a huge 720 air max unit that wraps almost all the way around the outside of the outsole, as you would probably expect from looking at the shoe and seeing the size of that air unit. The sneaker is incredibly comfortable underfoot. It did take me a little bit of time to get used to wearing the sneaker because of how large that air unit is and how far it protrudes off of the heel of the sneaker, but once you actually start to wear the sneaker in, it’s a great feeling shoe.

The upper is primarily made up of a thick, soft mesh that has the sort of organic shapes stamped into the side and a big plus, at least for some people is that this sneaker is slated to come out in a ton of different colourways.

Nike Adapt Bb - Ao2582-001 - Size 10.5
  • Mesh underarm panels enhance ventilation
  • Flat seams move smoothly against your skin as you work out
  • Ergonomic seams enhance your range of motion
  • Back neck tape for durability and a clean finish
  • Fabric: Body: Dri-FIT 88% polyester/12% spandex. Mesh insets: Dri-FIT...

Number one, the Nike adapt BB. This $350 basketball shoe is one of its kind because it’s the only basketball sneaker on the market that can auto lace. This obviously isn’t the first self-lacing Nike sneaker, but it’s the very first self-lacing basketball sneaker and it’s been worn on court by NBA players multiple times, which is pretty incredible. The adapt BB features a motor, a battery and a suite of sensors in the mid sole of the sneaker, which is kind of crazy that you’re actually able to run around and even walking issue like that.

The buttons on the side of the shoe, the motor, which either tightens or loosens a sneaker depending on what you want and if you don’t want to reach down to your feet every time you want to tighten up the shoes, you can just use the app, which again is kind of crazy.

The Nike adapt BB fits incredibly well. It performed surprisingly well on court and the battery life is actually pretty excellent. Not only that, but one of the most notable features of this shoe is that as soon as you slide your foot into the sneaker, it senses that your foot is there and it automatically tightens to your desired setting. It’s a pretty incredible feat of technology, no pun intended. And then you know, it’s got all this crazy technology going on inside the price point at $350 isn’t actually unreasonable for reference. The last self-lacing sneaker that Nike dropped retail for $720 and it wasn’t even this full feature does this one. It’s not the most eye-catching sneaker in the world, but it’s a good looking shoe nonetheless. And if for no other reason, owning this sneaker for the novelty of self-lacing is not a bad option.

It’s a surprisingly comfortable sneaker. It’s great on court and even if the self-lacing is just novelty, it’s a really cool novelty. The reason I like this sneaker so much is because it’s a glimpse into the future of what could be weather self-lacing shoes become the norm or not. It’s an extremely cool concept and one that I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid.


I would love to know your thoughts on this list and which one of the top 10 is your favourite. So make sure to leave those comments in the comment section down below. And as always, thank you so much for reading.