Best Shoes for Bunions – Top Picks and Expert ReviewsAre you currently suffering from bunions? If you wear regular shoes for walking or running while having a bunion, then you know how painful this condition can be. Thankfully, by wearing adapted shoes for bunions, you can quickly and easily remedy this painful/uncomfortable condition. In this comprehensive guide, we are going to show you some of the best shoes for bunions. Don’t blink!

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Why You need Shoes for Bunions?

bunion is a bony protrusion at the base of the big toe. It can be painful sometimes, but most of the time, bunions are simply uncomfortable. This is especially true if you generally run or walk in shoes that are not adapted for bunions.

Bunions are caused by internal inflammations or pressure on the bursa sac, at the base of the big toe. Bunions are very common among women and is mostly caused because of footwear negligence. Walking or standing for long hours at work in very uncomfortable shoes is the prime reason for developing a bunion.

Shoes for bunions are especially adapted to remedy any pain you might suffer from bunions. They offer great padding for comfortable wear as well as make provisions for a larger toe box. This ensures that unnecessary pressure is not applied to your bunion, causing further inflammation or pain.

The benefit of Wearing Shoes for Bunions

There are multiple benefits associated with those shoes. The best shoes for bunions offer these important benefits:

  • Alleviate pain: By providing a larger toe box area, your toes can breathe and relax even while running or walking.
  • Fitted: Shoes for bunions are fitted shoes, which means that they will fit your foot like a glove, so to speak.
  • Comfortable: There is some serious and comfortable padding in bunion shoes. This ensures that not only does it relieve your bunion pain, but also allows you to wear your footwear for longer periods of time.
  • Quality: Bunion shoes are made from high-quality leather and rubber compound that is durable. You do not have to purchase a new bunion shoe frequently. Good models can last you for years even if worn daily.

Warning about Buying Bunion Shoes

  • Heels: It is not a coincidence that women are more affected from bunions that men. The prime reason for this is wearing high and uncomfortable heels. Frankly, comfortable and high heels do not belong in the same sentence. Only wear them if you absolutely have to.
  • Avoid uncomfortable shoes: If you notice that your feet are inflated and your bunion is particularly painful in a specific shoe, then throw it away. It is not worth the pain and it can further aggravate the pain. Shoes like patent leather look nice, but the rigid material makes it unsuitable for bunion sufferers. Throw them away too!
  • Avoid cut-off shoes: Shoes that have a slice or cut-off at the toe area should generally be avoided for people who suffer from bunions. The edge will normally generate pressure on the bursa sac causing more inflammation – hence pain and worst bunions over time.
  • Toe box: Only give preference to shoes with a wide and comfortable toe box.

Features to look for in Bunion Shoes

Not all shoes are equal. Here are some features and aspects you should give priority to when looking for a nice pair of bunion knockers.

  • Comfort

How well-padded and what quality of padding is used? This is important since it will dictate how long you can wear the shoe. The more comfortable the shoe, the longer you can wear them. For this reason, the best walking shoes for bunions are specially fitted with the best quality cushions. They are meant to be worn for long periods, whether you walk on concrete for long hours or stay on your feet the whole day.

  • Elasticity

A good bunion shoe bends and adapts to your walking pattern. This limit pressure points from building up in specific areas, but rather spread this “force” along to the whole shoe.

  • Brand

Always go with a branded shoe. This guarantees you are getting the quality you pay for. Branded shoes are made from the highest quality material and rubber compound and there is an added bonus by going with a good brand. They last longer and most branded shoes will outlive a no-name shoe any time, any day.

Reviews of the Best Shoes for Bunions

Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit

The Nike Flyknit has undergone multiple iterations and the version 4.0 is built up the success of its predecessors. The main benefit of the Nike Flyknit 4.0 is that it is a low profile and ultra-light pair of cans for bunions. Men can wear this shoe on any casual wear and it will still look great.


Low profile with comfortable low ankle pads
Over 30 models to choose from
Lightweight and streamlined form factor
High-quality and breathable construction material
Adaptive fit for any type of feet or motion
Quarter panel ventilation holes

This model for men looks good on almost anything. If you need a comfortable footwear that looks good and will alleviate your bunion, the Nike Flyknit 4.0 is a good model to consider. It is also a very comfortable running shoe that retrofits as a walking shoe.


This model is plagued with counterfeits. Observe due diligence before buying and ensure you are getting an original.

Customer Impression

The low profile and lightweight of this model is liked by many customers. They compliment this model on this looks and how it makes their running more comfortable.

Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit – For Women

The women’s version of the Flyknit 4.0 offers an additional benefit over the men model. It has extra padding over the toe box which makes wearing this model over long hours even more comfortable. It is a known fact that women are more affected by bunions, therefore Nike made extra sure to give additional attention to this model.


Lightweight – it will feel as if you are not even wearing shoes
Padded toe box gives the toe more room to breath
Multiple models to choose from
Hexagroove midsole for a comfortable experience
Very comfortable with Flywire cables and Flyknit
Breathable and allows excellent air circulation
Low profile and fits well with most casual wears

Women who wear heels all day long will love this model. It is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The padded toe box gives extra support and breathable area to your toes.


Might not be visually appealing to a few women.

Customer Impression

Customers rate this model very highly and love it. It has a solid rating and rightly so. It is definitely one of the best running shoes for bunions on the market.

ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 22

The ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 model for women is a sporty-looking running shoe that has both rearfoot and forefoot cushioning system. Not only does this provide great comfort while running/walking, but it also helps guide the foot. Best, it fits for all pronation types.


11 models to choose
Anti-shock systems
Fluidfit technology for a comfortable wearing experience
High-quality material and durable
Thick textured anti-slip rubber compound outsole
Custom insoles allow you to use your own medial insoles
Lace-up with mesh overlays

The anti-shock cushioning system of the Kayano 22 works very well. This is not a new technology by ASICS and has proven its worth time and time again. For those who have a heavy foot pound, or has a few extra pounds, this model is simply the best.


Very sporty look. Might look awkward if worn on anything else that sportswear.

Customer Impression

Women who bought the Kayano 22 dance circles around this model. They rate this running shoe for bunions very highly and leave excellent feedbacks for it.

ASICS Men’s GEL-Kayano 22

The ASICS Kayano 22 men version is the exact same as the women version, sporting the same specs. This is a serious sports footwear for those who run long tracks in any weather. The I.G.S technology guides your every step and the large toe box guarantees you are bunion pain-free.


High-quality and durable
Comfortable fit for any feet of any pronation
10 models to choose
Anti-shock technology
Fluidfit and Fluidride technology
I.G.S system for gait control

What we really like about this model is that it fits men with any foot pronation. The dual layer midsole easily prevents pressure from building up and the gait control (IGS) works wonderfully well guiding the foot. This is an excellent pair of running shoes for those who have bunions and need to run long tracks.


Lack of custom insoles. You cannot pop in your custom ones with this model.

Customer Impression

Men who run marathons and long distance rate this model a solid 5 stars. Customers say it is comfortable and the gait control technology makes a tangible difference to their running endeavors. This model is definitely one of the best running shoes for bunions and comes highly recommended.

RYKA Women’s Dash 2

The Ryka Dash 2 is a popular women’s walking shoe for bunions. RYKA is a reputable brand for making high-quality sports shoes and this model is definitely one of the most comfortable and performing walking shoes out there. Best, the extremely affordable price of the Dash 2 makes it an immediate favorite amongst budget minded bunion sufferers.


Quality leather and fabric construction
Durable and long lasting
Dual layer cushions and pads
High arch – ideal for neutral or supinators
Thick and synthetic AHAR rubber outsole – low wear and tear
Removable and custom insole – pop in your medical insole anytime
Breathable mesh at vamp and toe area

The affordable price is an easy justification. The quality and performance of the RYKA Dash 2 is well-worth the offering price, and even more. The cushions are also dual layers which make it absorb walking shocks and has the added bonus of being very comfortable.


The high arch of the midsole and heel makes it a difficult wear for those with a flat foot.

Customer Impression

This is an easy vote. Customers vote this model very highly and love the price. Indeed, the dirt cheap price of those shoes are a no-brainer for many.

Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4

The ASICS Walker Neo is not just an iconic walking shoe for those with bunions. It is also a podiatrist recommended model for a walking shoe.


Lightweight – made from synthetic material that is light on the foot
Streamlined form factor – offers great aerodynamics
Large toe box
Comfortable fit. It will fit most people of any pronation
High-quality construction materials and durable
Shock absorbing midsole and outsole. Comfortable heel cup.

The minimalist and yet sporty look of the ASICS Walker Neo hides a very high performing walking shoe. The comfortable cushions, support for the heel as well as large toe box makes it one of the best walking shoes for bunions money can buy.


Only offered in two color variants – black and white.

Customer Impression

This model from ASICS is one of the most highly voted models by customers. They like the fact that this shoe is simple looking and yet delivers great walking performance, especially for those with a bunion condition.

Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2

The Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 is a very highly-regarded walking shoe for women that has excellent ankle support.


High profile with ankle support
Affordable and yet comes with lots of technologies
Full-grain leather construction – flexible and durable. Easy to clean.
Thick and durable Walk-Trac outsole with shock absorbing technology
Grid cushioning system for a comfortable wearing experience

Technologies like Walk-Trac and grid cushioning generally tend to add to the overall price of walking shoes. However, with this model Saucony was able to add a lot of technologies geared towards walking comfortably without increasing the offering price. In fact, it is one of the cheapest walking shoes for bunions out there.


Not suited for running on wet or muddy grounds as it is not entirely water proof.

Customer Impression

The Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 has a solid rating across the board and is a well-loved model by its scores of women buyers looking for a comfortable walking shoe for bunions.

The Flexx Women’s Beglad Wedge Sandal

For those looking for a dress shoe and yet contains the full benefits of a walking shoe, the Flexx Beglad Wedge sandal is the ideal partner.


9 color options
Dress Sandal that passes any dress code
Quality synthetic leather. Easy to clean. Anti-skid.
Thick 1.5” heel.
Open design. Allows the foot to breathe.
Flexible bottom and sole
Cushioned insole with dual-layer cushioning
Ankle strap is adjustable

The Flexx is a good-looking dress shoe that is also an excellent walking shoe. You do not have to look awkward at parties wearing traditional walking shoes. The Flexx has the perfect high-class look and is easily mistaken as such.


The outsole is not the most durable out there. It is not meant to be worn for long hours, but rather occasionally when the situation demands a good dress shoe.

Customer Impression

Reception of this walking sandal is phenomenal. Customers are highly satisfied with their purchase and rate this model highly.

Cobb Hill Women’s Ireland CH Enclosed Dress Sandal

The Cobb Hill is another decent looking walking sandal that masquerades as a dress shoe. It is made from high-quality materials and one of the most durable sandals out there, mostly due to its construction and form factor.


Flexible leather construction
Dress Sandal that can also be worn casually
EVA Anti-slip rubber outsole with ground grip
Closed-toe and machine cut.
T-Strap can be extended

This model is one of our favorite bunion sandals. It can be worn in many chic venues as well as casual ones. Heck, you can even wear them at work. They are very high-quality and comfortable to wear. The design leaves the bunion well ventilated and helps prevent further inflammations.


The monotonous design might turn off a few women, especially those who are used to wearing classy high heels.

Customer Impression

Thousands of customers have bought and reviewed the Cobb Hill sandal positively. It is a great walking sandal for bunions and comes at an affordable price.

FLY London Women’s Yama Ankle Boot

You love wearing boots and also have bunions? The FLY London Yama was made for you. This is a great looking ankle boot for bunions that has a lot of features and benefits.


Closed boot design.
Flexible leather construction
Ankle cushion and protection
Thick wear and tear resistant outsole. Anti-slip
5.5” shaft from arch, 1” platform and 2.75” heel. Adds a nice height to anyone
Round-toe with wedge heel and roomy toe box
Decorative laces

The thick outsole coupled with the 1” platform gives the user the impression she is floating while walking. It is made from very comfortable materials The cushioning system inside the boot and general light weight make it so that you can wear this boot for long hours without sweating or foot fatigue. Superb ankle cushioning and protection.


Frankly, not the best-looking boots out there. If you prefer looks over functionality, this is not for you.

Customer Impression

Boot lovers who suffer from bunions like this model very much. It is one of the few boots that caters to the bunion sufferer crowd. It does so with a solid rating and many positive reviews from its customers.