Tennis ShoesAre Tennis Shoes similar to Running Shoes?

Running shoes and tennis shoes can be misleadingly similar. However, there are major differences within the shoe itself, most of the time invisible to outside. Unlike running, which is an exclusively forward movement, tennis requires all types of movements – lateral, front, back, sideways and zig-zags. The best tennis shoes provide the support, comfort and performance required for long hours on the court.

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adidas Women's Cloud foam Pure Running Shoe, black/black/white, 7 Medium US
  • Stretchy, mesh running shoes with extra cushioning for all-day comfort
  • Stretchable mesh upper for breathability
  • Combined Cloudfoam midsole and outsole for step-in comfort and superior cushioning
  • Cloudfoam memory sockliner molds to the foot for superior step-in comfort
  • Sock-like construction hugs the foot

Tennis Shoe Anatomy

There are some key parts and nomenclature used in a tennis shoe. It is important to understand them as it will allow you to choose the best tennis shoes for your need.

  • Insole: Usually made from PU material or EVA, the sole sits directly under your feet. Their thickness varies, as well as technologies used. Some insoles even have proprietary shock absorption.
  • Collar Lining: A cushion that lines the ankle area and tongue. This provides added support and comfort to the backside of the shoe.
  • Heel Rake: The curved area that sits directly at the back of your ankle. It is curved to accommodate the ankle, and the better then ankle fits in it, the more comfortable the wear.
  • Achilles Notch: As the name suggests, it mostly protects the Achilles tendon. Usually made from tough and yet flaccid materials.
  • Vamp: The toe box, which is where the forefoot rests. The best shoes for tennis have a vamp made from a breathable and yet tough mesh material.
  • Toe Guard: The front part of the shoe that protects the vamp and toes. Usually made from a tough and springy rubber material.

Tennis Shoes Buying Guide

Tennis is a physically demanding game that requires a lot of footwork. You will need a shoe that can cope with such strenuous activities. Here are a few features to look out along with some advice when buying the best tennis shoes out there.

Player Style

There are various positions you can play at during a tennis match.

  • Baseline Player: Players who play in the back will need a shoe that offers lateral support and stabilization. This is because of the frequent sideways motion of the player. Without a good lateral stabilization, the player can trip and fall.
  • Serve-Volley Player: The front-end hero during a match. A serve and volley players need a tennis shoe that has added support for the toes, like a toecap and comfy heel rake. A meshed vamp is an added bonus for a serve and volley player.

Court Surface

The surface of the court generally dictates the type of tennis shoe you will need.

  • Hard Surface: A concrete court will require a tennis shoe that has a durable outsole (rubber or vinyl) to prevent wear and tear, as well as a comfortable upper. Shock absorption technology is a must when playing on a hard surface.
  • Soft Surface: Professional courts tend to be soft surfaces, usually clay. The best shoes for tennis on soft surfaces concentrate on support and comfort.
  • Multi-court: Tennis shoes for multi-court are polyvalent all-rounders and offer the best of both worlds. They can be used to play on both hard and soft surfaces interchangeably.

Foot Types

When buying the best tennis shoes for your game, it is crucial to take into account your foot type. Not all feet are the same, just like not all tennis shoes are made for the same foot type. There are 3 general foot types:

  • Over-pronation: Also called flat feet, over-pronators have little to no foot arch and both the heel and toe lie flat on the ground. This can be a difficult condition that sets the player at a disadvantage right on the get-go. However, even people will flat feet can excel on the court with a good pair of tennis knockers.
  • Neutral: The most common type of foot and the type of foot most shoes on the market cater to.
  • Under pronation (Supination): Supinators have a high arch. Their foot movement tends to move outwards and deliver more shock to the heel. The best tennis shoes for supinators have shock absorption at the heel and lateral stabilization.


Choosing a nameless tennis shoe will bring more hurt than good over the long run. Always choose a good branded model. It will certainly cost you more in the short term but will surely pay for itself in the future.

Best Tennis Shoes for Men

What is the best tennis shoe? Here is a quick hand-picked selection of some of the best tennis shoes for men.

Adidas Performance Barricade V Classic

A true classic indeed. The Adidas Barricade is a sporty looking pair of knockers that delivers excellent performance on the court.

Solid built and durable construction.
Forefoot stabilization and forefoot stability claw.
Shock absorption thanks to ADIPRENE technology.
Great looks.


An extremely good looking and professional tennis shoe that will not make you appear like a total amateur on the court.


Not the best tennis shoe for over pronators.

Customers of the Adidas Barricade V Classic can’t get enough of its good looks. It is a highly-rate model, but not necessarily because of its beauts. It’s also a high-performing tennis shoe.

Adidas Performance Barricade Court

The Barricade Court is a toned-down version of the Barricade V classic. It still has great minus the gorgeous looks.

Synthetic rubber construction for the sole
Anti-slip rubber outsole
Anti-sweat technology thanks to its meshed-design
ADIPRENE+ for great shock absorption
Solid and durable construction


Comes at a very affordable price despite being a very high performing model laden with technologies.


Not as performing as its bigger brother the Barricade V.

Customers like this model mostly because of its great entry-level price and performance it offers on the court.

ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed 2


A classic and distinct looking tennis shoe worn by many professional players.

Colorful and reflective tones
5 color models to choose from
Rear and Fore cushioning system ensure great performance
2-layer memory foam on collar
Cushioned midsole for great comfort

We like the great looks of this model. It is professional looking, offers great performance and comes at a price that does not break the bank.


Design and color might not be appealing to some.

Customers of the ASICS Speed 2 like the color tones and reliability it offers during a match. It is a highly rated model that is a people’s favorite.

ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 6

A modern and fresh looking tennis shoe for men that will turn a lot of heads.

Mesh construction for good air circulation.
12 color combination to choose from.
Anti-slip and anti-skid rubber sole
Flexion Fit construction for a comfy fit
PGuard toe bumper when you need to spring
Very durable AHAR Plus outsole for durability


The ASICS Resolution 6 has tons of technologies at play to help up the ante on your gameplay. This is a tennis shoe you simply cannot fail with.


Might be a bit outside the budget of some.

As expected from the Resolution 6, customers love this model to bits. It’s ASICS after all, and one of its best tennis models out there. What’s not to like?

New Balance Men’s MC786

A low profile and affordable tennis shoes for men. One of the best tennis shoes for men on a price-to-performance ratio.

Solid and durable construction
Anti-slip rubber sole
Elevated 1” platform for extra shock absorption
C-Cap midsole for extra comfort and stability
Abzorb heel absorbs shocks and heavy foot poundings at the heel area
Drag tip – Strong grip on the court and made from a long-lasting material.


Based on the and price of the MC786, this model is one of the best tennis shoes for men on many levels. Price being one. Performance being two. It’s New Balance. They know how to make great shoes.


Low profile form factor does not secure and protects the ankle enough.

Customer rejoice over the price of this model. It’s offered at an entry-level price but has of tennis shoes many times more expensive than this model.

NIKE Lunar Ballistec

The Ballistec is an unmistakably Nike shoe. It has the standard Nike sports shoe shape and reputation being this iconic brand to back it up.

Streamlined form factor for great aerodynamics
Very lightweight. Made from premium and top grade materials
Distinctive pink and blue color – excellent color choice
Shock absorbing TPU midsole
Lunarlon cushion for a very comfortable fit and yet springy when required
Dynamic Flywire Technology – customizable support
Great lateral support
Foot guidance and stability technology
Multi-surface traction


This model has tons of technologies that are not merely proof of concept. They work wonderfully well and you get all those working for you in one shoe with the Ballistec. Definitely one of the best men tennis shoes on the market.


The single color tone might not be appealing to a few.

Nike has a long list of followers. The ballistic tennis shoe has its own line of following, and customers like this model mostly because of the performance it delivers on the court.

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

We have not forgotten about women. Here is our hand-picked selection for the best women tennis shoes.

Adidas Performance ASMC Barricade

An affordable entry-level tennis shoe for women that does not skimp on performance or looks.

Anti-slip rubber sole
Awesome looks. Designed by Stella McCartney
Torsion System for midfoot comfort
Heel stabilizer made from soft TPU
ADIPRENE+ foam provides a responsive and yet comfortable cushion
Shock absorbing for hard foot pounders.


The ASMC Barricade is a high-performing tennis shoe for women that comes with a ton of and benefits. Best, it is offered at a price everyone can afford.


The cushioning system might be too soft for a gameplay that extends over many hours.

Customers of the ASMC Barricade are generally satisfied with the product. However, a few have noted that the cushioning system is just too soft for a competitive match. Others also note the narrower size of the shoe compared to the advertised size.

Adidas Performance Barricade V Classic

A higher profile and sportier looking shoe than the ASMC, the Barricade V Classic promises to deliver absolute performance on the court.

Solid construction. Durable finish.
High-quality rubber sole.
Detailed finish.
ADIPRENE technology for shock absorption.
Great comfort thanks to thick pads inside the shoe.
Toe and sole protection with flexible Adituff technology
Spacious toe box
Foot stabilization technology


The Barricade V Classic is an excellent example of a multi tennis shoe for women. It performs exceptionally well on all court surfaces and has technologies that boost performance rather than hinder. Just like the Men version, you cannot go wrong with this model.


High profile shoe with average ankle padding. Might become uncomfortable at the ankle after a few hours.

Since the Barricade V Classic is a high-performance tennis shoe offered at an exceptionally affordable price, customers run circles around this model. They absolutely love it!

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic

Built for speed, reliability, and performance, the Adizero Ubersonic is a women tennis shoe that does not disappoint.

Solid construction with synthetic and bio materials
Anti-slip and anti-skid (easy to clean)
ADIPRENE+ technology provides comfort and shock absorption in sensitive areas
Good matching color tones. Choose between 4 models.
TPU midfoot support for high archers

This model is built for performance in mind. It has the right shape and the right set of to deliver just that.


Not suitable at all for women with flat feet.

Customers seeking maximum performance out of their game play got it with this model. It performs exceptionally well and most of them highly rate it.

ASICS GEL-Resolution 6

Just like the Resolution 6 for men, the women version will equally turn heads. It has a brilliant shape and tons of matching color choices.

Durable construction and finish
Mesh design for good air flow
Anti-slip rubber outsole. AHAR+ technology
Thick platform
FlexionFit for comfortable fit regardless of foot
PGuard toe protector
Great cushioning at the rear and front


We like the good looks of this model. It looks fierce and it is! It has a great feature set that fits well together. If you are looking for low profile tennis shoes, it’s a great model to consider.



As with most high-end models of sports shoes, reception is pretty good across the board. Customers adore it and have little to nothing bad to say about it.

ASICS Gel Solution Speed 2

Ideally made to use on soft ground, the Solution Speed 2 is a high performing and low-profile tennis shoe for women.

Mesh design for good airflow.
Design limits sweating and heat buildup
Low profile form-factor
Outsole made for soft grounds. Durable and performing.
Memory foam lineup at heel and other sensitive points
Comfortable fit thanks to great paddings


The shape of the Solution Speed 2 is a fit-all model. It performs exceptionally well on soft grounds and the outsole provides a good firm and yet springy action when required.


Not ideal for hard ground like concrete.

Customers note how comfortable the Solution Speed 2 is. It can be worn for many hours without foot fatigue. This is mostly due to the careful placements of cushions at sensitive points by ASICS.

K-SWISS Women’s Bigshot

The K-Swiss is a lightweight tennis shoe that offers a lot of foot protection and support.

Meshed design allows excellent airflow throughout the foot
Solid construction with imported materials.
Professional sport looks
Streamlined form factor and natural forefoot protection ergonomic
Great lateral control and stabilization
Aosta rubber outsole for great performance
EVA shock absorption at the midsole


The Bigshot is light and breathable, allowing you to wear it for long hours without sweating, heat buildup or foot fatigue. It has lots of technologies working behind the scene to guarantee you get the most out of your game. One of the best women tennis shoes on the market.


Not ideal for over-pronators.

Most customers of the K-Swiss Bigshot note how comfy the shoe is during a match. They also love the light weight and performance of this shoe. In fact, many customers highly recommend this model to anyone who play tennis. We absolutely agree!