Best Walking Shoes for High ArchesThe way a human foot distributes the body weight during walking depends primary on an individual’s feet type. Normal arched feet, the most common feet type, distributes the weight evenly ensuring the heel, mid region, and the forefeet all carry a fair share of weight while walking and running. However, high arched feet rest the entire body weight on the heel and the forefeet. This happens because the mid region of these feet has a high inward arch.

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  • Eight-piece radiused skeletal rubber works simultaneously with the re-zorb midsole and cobblestone engineering

There are several shoes that are specifically designed for people with high arched feet that conform to the inward bend helping the feet distribute the weight more evenly preventing unnecessary strains and injuries. If you are wondering which shoes will fit you the best, checkout our list of best walking shoes for high arch feet.

New Balance WW1765 Fitness Walking Shoe For Women

This stability shoe from New Balance is specially manufactured to prevent overpronation and comes with a single piece FantomFit Upper. This new technology from New Balance helps the shoe deliver superior support without compromising on its flexibility. The WW1765 is one of the company’s newest offerings and comes with synthetic mesh upper which makes it both breathable and comfortable. The shoe also comes with specially placed rigid zones on its insole otherwise known as medial posts that perfectly supports the high arched feet structure. Featuring the proprietary Abzorb technology, the shoe provides excellent mid-foot shock absorption securing your feet for hours of joyful walking.

Easy Spirit Exploremap Walking Shoe

Easy Spirit Women’s Exploremap Walking ShoeComing in next on our list is the very comfortable Exploremap from Easy Spirit. It has a durable leather and synthetic construction which helps it withstand years of rigorous walking. However, what makes it perfect for high arched foot type is its specially designed gel cushioned mid-sole. This gel mid-sole perfectly conforms to the high arch providing superior cushioning and support. The shoe also comes with a one-piece Elon out-sole which prolongs it durability and helps it resist regular ware and tear. Overall, the shoe carefully combines classic styling and new-age comfort technologies and is perfectly made for the regular adventures of life.

Skechers Go Walk Baby Walking Shoe

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Baby Walking ShoeFeaturing a simple yet modern styling, the Go Walk Baby is one of those rare shoes that provide amazing stability even after being light as a feather. Skechers Go Walk Baby utilizes a lot of proprietary technologies and is perfect for people with high arched feet type. It has a super lightweight leather and synthetic construction that allows hours of walking without any strain or discomfort. The shoe also employs Goimpulse sensors that independently sense the walking surface to offer a much responsive walking experience. The trademarked Resalyte technology provides excellent midsole cushioning keeping your feet safe even when you are walking on unpredictable surfaces.

Reebok Skyscape Runaround Walking Shoe For Women

Reebok Women’s Skyscape Runaround Walking ShoeThe Reebok Skyscape Runaround has a deceivingly simple styling. It has a traditional lace up design and is perfect for people who are looking for a bit of subtlety. However, underneath the simplistic design, the shoe does pack in some really unique features. For starters the shoe is made from materials that attempt to replicate the stuff that goes into making high-end lingerie. Reebok claims this makes the shoes much more comfortable for everyday walks. Much like the ones used in bras, the shoe has foam padded upper and padded foot bed that adds to the comfortable walking experience. The shoe also comes with the Reebok’s Skyspring technology that provides excellent midsole cushioning for high arched feet.

ASICS Gel-Foundation Walking Shoe For Women

ASICS Women’s Gel-Foundation Walking ShoeThis ASICS walking shoe is the perfect walking shoe and successfully checks all the right boxes. It’s comfortable, it’s durable, it has great classic styling, and most importantly it provides extra stability for high arched foot type. The Gel-Foundation technology and the trademarked dual density SpEva midsole carefully cushions the feet and provides bouncy yet secure ride. The shoe also has the trademarked PHF technology which is basically means it comes with 2 layers of memory foam at the heel sections and conforms to the unique shape of your feet. When it comes to selecting a shoe for a high arched feet type, the ASICS Gel-Foundations is surely among the top contenders.

RYKA Women’s Sky Walking Shoe

RYKA Women’s Sky Walking ShoeIf you are looking for a great affordable shoes for everyday usage, then this shoe makes a strong case. The RYKA Sky Walking shoe has a traditional mesh and leather construction which helps your feet breathe and remain comfortable for hours of walking. These shoes come with a special memory foam insole that basically takes the shape of any feet type including high arch feet. It features a sturdy yet flexible outsole that provides a comfortable ride on a range of different walking surfaces. Adding to the support and comfort, the shoe comes with a TPU mid foot shank giving you more confidence with each stride.

New Balance WW895 Walking Shoe

New Balance Women’s WW895 Walking ShoeThe New Balance WW895 is probably the best looking shoe on our list. However, that’s not all. The shoe employs some of the latest footwear technologies that helps it match its stunning appearance. The shoe features a highly breathable upper material that keeps your feel cool even in hot summer days. The shoe also features the proprietary REVlite cushioning technology that provides the cushioning comfort of a much heavier foam. Thanks to this technology the shoe is able to provide the cushioning comfort of a much heavier shoe without actually being heavy. Like the one mentioned earlier on our list this New Balance shoe also features the proven Abzorb technology that’s known to provide great support and a comfortable ride

ASICS GEL-Tech Walker Neo 2 Walking Shoe

ASICS Women’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 2 Walking ShoeThe Gel-Tech Neo Walker 2 features whole range footwear technologies which successfully works together to provide an unparalleled walking experience. When it comes to new technology the Neo 2 has a lot up its sleeve. It features the trademarked PHF technology that employs 2 layers of memory foam to support and comfort any heel shape. It also comes with the latest IGS or Impact Guidance System that improves the feet’s natural gait, keeping it safe from injuries and strains. Making it great for high arched foot types, the shoe comes with the Solyte midsole which is lighter than standard ASIC midsoles and provides a greater support and cushioning.

Shopping for the best high arch walking shoes

As we have already established, well designed shoes for people with high arches can not only make it pleasanter to walk and jog around but they also help prevent niggling injuries. But there are two big questions which still need answering: how do you shop for the best shoes for high arched feet? and How do you make the most of these shoes and prevent further injuries?

These are the essential tips to follow if you want to find the most fitting walking shoes for your high arch feet

  • Begin by checking the shoes in your closet. These will give you a good idea about your feet’s profile. Look at the characteristic of the shoes which fit your feet best and the ones which give you the most trouble. The best shoes for high arch feet will appear more or less like the ones in the former category.
  • Stay away from shoes with high heels. The higher the heel, the more likely it will be to increase the pressure on the wrong areas of your underfoot.
  • The sole of the shoe will provide you with a good clue as to how fitting the shoe itself will be. The best with a curved last (that is one with a much narrower midsole area) is likely to offer you the best protection.
  • If you have been finding it hard to find a shoe that fits and does not cause injury, visit a podiatrist for recommendations. It may be necessary to visit an orthopedic footwear specialist if your high arch problem is too acute.
  • When buying shoes, always make sure you are wearing the type of hosiery you intend to wear most days. The type of socks worn has a very significant impact on the fit and comfort-ability of a shoe.
  • How to protect your high arch feet and prevent injuries
  • If you have the rather unenviable combination of having feet with high arches and a job which forces you to spend most of the day on your feet, you stand a high risk of developing injuries and suffering intermittent pain in your joints.

But if you take special measures to prevent such injuries and protect your high arch feet, there is no reason why you should not lead a normal life. You will find the following tips very handy in this regard:

  • Learn to exercise your ankle and foot joints to increase range of motion and relax tensed muscles
  • Watch your body weight to help improve the stress placed on your heels and the balls of your feet
  • Your podiatrist may recommend an orthotic device which provide needed support for stressed joints as well as the adjacent soft tissue. Some of the most commonly used and helpful foot orthotics are known as foot orthoses,
  • some semi flexible and semi rigid orthotics often custom made to fit the curve of the wearer’s foot arch and meant to help prevent the foot from supinating under stress of walking or running.
  • Always wear your walking shoes with the laces and other fasteners done properly. Do not tighten the laces too much not leave them too loose. A shoe that has been tied to just the right amount of tension will feel comfortable
  • all day and will help distribute stress caused by weight evenly across your sole.
  • Always wear shoes which are clean and dry. If, by some accident or something similar, your shoes get wet during the course of work, remove them as soon as possible. Always keep an extra pair of shoes in your locker for just such an eventuality.